Remotely release new features without deploys and test on a smaller pool of users

Alpina Rollouts product

Control all features in one place #

Rollouts come with an easy-to-use interface allowing you to control all features in a single place and easily show or hide features without unnecessary deployments.
Alpina Rollouts - Control all features in one place feature

Integrate in seconds #

All it takes to integrate Rollouts into your product is our simple JS SDK and few lines of code.
Alpina Rollouts - Integrate in seconds feature

And much more...


We set an anonymized id in local storage to keep feature availability consistent, but we do not collect any personal data and cannot link an id back to a specific user.

Pool control

Pool control allows you to hide features on the fly, change allocation and reset the pool of users at any point in time.

API access

Want to use rollouts on the backend? Use our REST API to check the state of a particular feature.

One price, everything included

VAT not included if applicable

Unlimited features
Audience allocation
Remote feature control
JS SDK integration
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