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Alpina Changelog product

Make it your own #

Create your own categories and make the hosted changelog page & integrated dropdown your own by customizing the theme on the fly.
Alpina Changelog - Make it your own feature

Advanced editor #

Take advantage of Markdown when describing changes and upload images of new features to show them off in action.
Alpina Changelog - Advanced editor feature

Integration #

Want a closer integration between your product and its changelog?

Take advantage of our JS SDK to easily integrate a changelog dropdown into your own product and make it easy for customers to check for recent releases.
Alpina Changelog - Integration feature

Dedicated page #

We take care of hosting your changelog so you can focus on developing and releasing new features for your customers.
Alpina Changelog - Dedicated page feature

And much more...

Scheduled releases

Want to prepare a release but not yet ready to press publish? Set a date and time and we'll take care of the rest.


If you integrate using our JS SDK you can take advantage of built-in hooks allowing you to detect user interactions with your changelog dropdown.


Save a release as draft so your coworker can pick it up right where you left off and add their own flair to the release.

One price, everything included

VAT not included if applicable

Unlimited releases
Hosted page
On-site JS integration
Scheduled releases
Custom domains
Image upload
Theme customization
Markdown support
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