Privacy-friendly alternative to Google's reCAPTCHA and other data mining solutions

Alpina Captcha product

Customize appearance and difficulty #

Easily customize the look and difficulty of the captcha with noise level, character length and case sensitivity controls.
Alpina Captcha - Customize appearance and difficulty feature

Integrate in minutes #

Create as many captchas with different settings as you'd like and integrate in your applications using our JS SDK.
Alpina Captcha - Integrate in minutes feature

API verification #

Frontend-only integrations can be circumvented which is why we provide a simple REST API to check if the captcha has actually been solved before proceeding.
Alpina Captcha - API verification feature

One price, everything included

VAT not included if applicable

Unlimited usage
Case sensitivity setting
Noise level control
Captcha length setting
JS SDK integration
REST API verification
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