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Quickly deploy & scale containerized services without worrying about servers and infrastructure


Why you'll love Alpina



Autoscaling allows your services to meet the demand. Services automatically scale up under heavy load and scale down when there's no need for additional resources

No pricing plans

No Pricing Plans

No pre-defined templates, in fact no pricing plans at all. Pair it with autoscaling and you will only pay for the neccessary resources while avoiding downtime due to sudden high load

Preconfigured services

Preconfigured Services

Deploy services and apps like GitLab, PostgreSQL, Rocket.Chat, Redis and many more within 15 seconds with no configuration required

Deploy Dockerfiles

Deploy Dockerfiles

Deploying dockerfiles is easy with our powerful Service Creator, upload neccessary files, define environmental variables and send it to the cloud!



Control exposed ports, service to service networking and domain management through an intuitive UI

Powerful Metrics

Powerful Metrics

We provide powerful metrics, so you can monitor your services with without setting up any monitoring tools

Automatic SSL

Automatic SSL

Alpina automatically generates and configures wildcard SSL certificates for the domains you park on our nameservers

Command Line Tool


Deploy, scale and manage preconfigured services or dockerfiles without leaving your favourite terminal

Alpina is currently under development and new features are still being planned and implemented