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Don't miss out on Adblock users #

According to Statista, 25.8% of internet users were using an adblocker in 2019.
Google Analytics is blocked by all adblockers and therefore cannot collect precise data.
Alpina Free - Don't miss out on Adblock users feature

Event tracking #

Collect additional data by emitting events to better understand what actions your users perform and how they perform them.

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Alpina Free - Event tracking feature

Privacy is at our core #

Alpina was founded due to our frustration with lack of analytics that respect user's privacy.
We do not use Cookies, Local Storage, Session Storage or any other method of user identification. Alpina is GDPR, PECR & CCPA compliant so there's no need to add any pesky banners asking for consent.
Alpina Free - Privacy is at our core feature

Advanced filters #

Gain more insight from your data by applying complex filters on the fly using one of 8 available parameters.
Alpina Free - Advanced filters feature

Live radar #

Monitor traffic live with a clean & dedicated Live Radar dashboard.
Alpina Free - Live radar feature

API access #

Take your website statistics outside of Alpina and integrate into your own websites and apps by using our simple & powerful REST API.

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Alpina Free - API access feature

And much more...

Data is yours

When software is free — You are the product. We will never sell or share your data with anyone, you can request an export of your website's data at any point in time.

Your team's invited too

Teamwork makes the dream work. Invite your team members to analyze and draw conclusions from the collected data together.

Slack, Discord & E-Mail

Don't have time to take a deeper dive? Simply connect Alpina to Slack, Discord or enter your E-Mail to receive daily or weekly briefings.

Light & Performant first

No need to use bloated trackers which slow down your website. Our script weighs less than 3kb and is served to users by a super-fast CDN with more than 49 servers around the globe.

Themes that suit you

We've crafted 6 beautiful themes that transform the way Alpina looks and feels allowing each member of your team to choose a color combination they like best.

Shared dashboards

Share your dashboard with anyone by creating a publicly available link containing an exact copy of your dashboard stats within the selected date range.
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